The 330 Foundation reminds everyone to stay safe.

The 330 Foundation will be extending the date to file a claim so more people have an opportunity to file. if you have filed already, please be sure to sign and return your retainers, so we can move forward in this process.

After you fill out the questionnaire our Lawyer will contact you.

Please click green link for questionnaire.

The deadline has been extended till June 19th,1,P3l1vZ33khA27OL9AMb9cdzu1bU6LJ-xVqS5XpwQjR8uh6gmHOuEUoIWF_qoQXXaJQk7LY6xWrm79rz_xF9-T2EyEwSND-SReDKXsbIL6ew,&typo=1

This Foundation was created to support and assist Members of The Madison Square Boys Club who were victims of Dr. Reginald Archibald.

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